See What Trait-tech is Preparing for Your Credit.

If you are a regular client of Trait-Tech, then you must be familiar with the procedure of processing order on Trait-Tech.

After an order is confirmed online, Trait-Tech usually takes about 3 working days to finish preparation and then despatch it via selected shipping method (DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, EMS, SingPost,Sweden Post, Paypal Package, etc).

During preparation, sometimes a few items are sold out and will be unavailable for a while. And at this moment no other goods attract you. So just ready goods are sent and balance for out of stock commodities is reimbursed to your account. At the transaction, a certain commission will be taken by third party. So you must have long been annoyed at this. Trait-Tech is making process to solve the affair.

“In-store Credit” is being created on Trait-Tech.

An In-Store Credit is an account credit that can be used for any future orders by selecting In-Store Credit in the shopping cart.

The refund of your order will priorly goes to your in-store credit account, which can be either used for your next order or withdrawed to your paypal or bank account.

 In-Store Credit

The credit store are of course available for All registrants and buyers of Trait-Tech.  Stay tuned to know what exactly they are.


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How to Choose a High Performance Tablet

Our eyes are all crashed by various tablets.  Famous brand, such as Samsung, Google, Asus etc, and also some low price but high configuration Chinese famous tablets, Onda, Freelander, Ramos. There are so many. How to choose one that is appropriate for you?

This bothers a lot of people who are fever with tablets. Here some perfect points for you.

1. Point One: Money

Money is a big factor that influences your decision. How much money you would like to pay on your tablet? Around US$300, then you could get a very good one with high configuration, famous brand. If you only want to pay around US$150, then Chinese famous brand will be suggested. The performance is stable and with high configuration. Money will help you narrow the range of choosing.

2. Point Two: Tablet Screen

There are several kinds of screen which are mostly used by most of tablets, TFT ,TN, IPS  Screen etc . TFT and IPS screen are used widely now in the tablets. Price is big different between them because of their viewing effect. TFT is cheap but viewing effect is not so good. IPS cost price is high, but could give you perfect viewing effect.

Below photos will show you the difference.

IPS_Down-upward angle of visibility
IPS_Down-angle of visibility












TFT-doward angle of visibility
TFT-Down angle of visibility


We could see from above that TFT screen will lose the true color of image, but IPS will keep its original color. So in your money allowance, IPS is your best choice.

3. Point Three: Resolution

The resolution decides the viewing quality of video and image. More higher resolution, More clearly of the images. Now the iPhone’s screen resolution reaches to 1136×640. For some tablets, it is around 1024*600. Some cheaper ones may be only around 800*480.

4. Point Forth: CPU

CPU is the core of tablet, it influences the whole tablet’s performance, just like the brain of human. In the market, there are now Eight-Core, Quad-Core, Dual-Core and Single-Core tablets. The number of the Core will decide the speed of the operating speed. More Cores, More faster of operating speed. Of course, Eight-Core is not very popular at present. Quad-Core is the most popular one. Dual Core will be replaced step by step.

Of course, there are also many other factors that will influence the tablet performance, such as the whole system stability, the scatter file etc. We could not evaluate a tablet just by its configuration. Its stability is also very important, that’s why many people choose famous-brand tablets which are been tested and approved by authorization organization.  Many also care about the warranty.

In a word, you have to use your own judgment to decide on each specific matter when you make the decision. Still need my help, you also could email, or facebook me at lily.sheng.54


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Customize cases with national flag

OEM is always welcome in Trait-tech especially to customize for your national flags, recently there are many clients inquire how to customize cases with their national flag, so am going to share it with more clients 🙂

Take iphone 5 cases for example, there are many fashion cases with national flags like USA, UK, Canada, Brasil.  If there are cases you are interested in, you may directly place order on our website without MOQ.

iphone 5 national flag caseiphone 5 national flag cases













If there is no national flag for your country or you do not like the designs available on our website, do not worry, we can make it for you.  You need only provide the design or the idea you want, any picture will work. Our art designer will help you make the best design for your confirm first.

The best material for this kind of cases is PC, which is very cheap, and the MOQ is usually 200- 300 pcs, the delivery time is about 5 work days. And the unit price is according to the models, usually 1.2USD to 1.5 USD.

Dear friends, welcome email to to inquire for further detailed info if you already have your designs in mind 🙂



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How to change an iPhone 5 lcd screen

If your iPhone 5 has image display issues, and unresponsive touch screen or physical cracks or scratches on the glass, you can try to change the lcd by yourself, which is much easy and funny. Disclaimer: If your iphone 5 are still under the warranty, please think twice before you open it. Once you do it, there will be no warranty from Apple for your iphone.


Tools needed:

  1. an iPhone 5 lcd assembly in good condition
  2. suction remover
  3. (5 point) pentalobe screwdriver
  4. philps screwdriver
  5. spudger
  6. Triaggle paddles


Now, let’s begin.

  1. Turn off your iphone 5.

turn off your iPhone 5

    2. Undoing the two screws beside the charging port with pentalobe screwdriver.12-1 

     3. Remove the lcd. There are two ways of removal according to the lcd damage degree. If the lcd appears intact, we can put the suction above the home button, press hard and lift if gently. website tech info . hold the phone with the other hand. Now you needn’t take the lcd from the phone completely, because there are some flex cable connecting to the motherboard on the top.


If the lcd is badly broken, we’ll need the triaggle paddle to start . Insert the paddle between the lcd and phone from the left and right sides of the home button, slide slowly to the top until the paddle is deep enough, then use the spudger to level up the lcd.


      4. Now you will see a silver protective cover. Undoing the screws with the Philips screwdriver.

  1. 10-2

      5. There are lcd flex, digitizer flex, and front camera flex under the silver cover. Use the spudger(or twizeer) to remove them from the mainboard so that we can liberate the lcd from the phone.


      6. Take a new iPhone 5 LCD assembly, connect the 3 flex cables of the new lcd assembly on the mainboard. Cover the silver protective cover, and screw it tight with the right screws






      7. Close the lcd assembly.


      8. Screw back the two screws besides charging port.

  1. 2

      9. Done. You get a brand new iphone 5.



Where to buy:

  1. tools kit
  2. iphone 5 lcd assembly

or email directly to

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What if we get unexpected broken goods

There is a letter from one customer:

“After a waiting period of days, I unpacked parcel with great joy, damaged goods disappointed me badly. Suddenly I was addlebrained. How could it be? what should I do? Questions kept me in a mess.

I contacted you guys, suggested by neighbor, dingdong the complaints for about 10munites, and asked unfriendly you advise that the item arrived damaged as soon as possible.

I have to say, your efficiency and attitude totally satisfied me. The damaged was resent as soon as you ascertained. We get our surprise within expected time in the end. SORRY (for earlier rude words, shyly) and THANKS for all.”

If you are one of trait “sufferer” like that, please report it to us within 7 working days, please kindly provide us with proof as below:

1, Photos of the front and back of the packaging box
2, Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the broken item
3, Photo, video, screenshot, or description of  broken area

If items in parcels are visibly damaged on arrival, please refuse to sign parcels, immediately make a complaint to your local Post/DHL/UPS after taking detailed pictures of parcels, show us photos and let us know the case no. which you get from your local transportation corporation. Once received back into our warehouse, we’ll issue a replacement or full refund to you via your original payment method.

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