Case sharing: A customer grows up with Trait

I joined Trait-tech in Nov.2009. I have come across various customers from different countries with personalities. They come and go. I learned many experience to cooperate with them. Meanwhile, many small customers grow bigger with us. Here I’d like to share one of the customers who impressed me the most.

retail phone accessories store

His name is Roy, who was a small wholesaler in US when he was found on by my former colleague Rachel. He decided to work with us immediately and placed his first order with us on  2010-03-12. When we asked him why he chose us, he said because we were the first one who contacted him on alibaba. Since then, we’ve been cooperating very well.

We’ve encountered problems too. Some products got destroyed during the process of transportation. We sent brand new ones with his new order as well as the new arrivals to help him catch the market.

Then he left us with Rachel for other business 2 years ago. We felt sorry for this, but we knew this is business. We believed that he would come back to us some day.

Indeed, he was back in the end of 2013. He’s a retailer now. He’s running a big store in a big wholesale building owned by Korean in Houston. In his one mile area, there are 35 wholesalers of cell phone accessories, and only he did retail business.

He bought each cases only 1 or 2pcs, we also support him with the wholesale prices as before. We believe he will grow bigger and bigger in the future.

So dear customers, if you are small now, come and work with us, we can help and company from small to big. If you are big, try us as an option.


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