How do we deal with out of stock items?

For buying items from Trait-Tech, What will they do when there has some out of stock items?
All of us are dislike this status, but it do happens.
Below is our solutions for out of stock item or stop production items.

1.Replace items according to the intruction of list.
2.We will show photos with out of stock item and show the replacement colors.
(About the List, they will send a list about out of stock items before shipment was sent out)
Number 2 Solutions

3.Replace another items which select from our website with similar price.
4.Refund back payment for only out of stock items.

Number 4 Solutions
5.Keep credit for you and then they will reduce payment accordingly.

Number 5 Solutions
We will do better and better with customer’s support and approval.
And hope we can have more chances to cooperate wtih you.


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