How to get discount from Trait-Tech?

As we all know, E-commerce become more and more popular. Of course, Trait-tech is also an electronic accessories wholesaler in China. Many business sellers even push “Free shipping” or other ways to attract customers. But how can we get the best benefit from them? Now I will tell you some methods to get discounts from Trait-tech.

1.Specific Products Discount

In our “Clearance Center” page, you would see many products are on sale. Exactly, if you buy the following types of discount product in Trait-Tech, you may save more money.

on sale products

2. Quantity and Amount discount;

For one single item, The amount of your order is more than $1000, or your quantity is more than 500 pics, which as long as you have meet one of these conditions, you can contact our customer service to get the corresponding discount. If you order more, you save more!

3. Payment Method Discount

PayPal is the world’s largest online payment provider. Fast, safe and convenient. But the commission fee is also very high.

 paypal checkout

As we can see, Use the PayPal, you need to pay more $24.44 as commission fee. But if you use Western Union or TT payment, you do not need to pay higher commission fee. Furthermore, we also can give you some discounts. If you have other choices on payment, contact customer service, we glad to give you some discount if you use TT, Western Union payments.

In the future, we will be push-off other methods to get discounts. Such as offer red envelopes to in store credit, you can use it as cash directly. And registered, subscribe concern, share, promote etc. All these operations can gain points, when the point reaches a certain number, it also can be used as cash.



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