All Products Come with Packages?

Packaging is of great importance to both sellers and buyers of the products in the marketing. It can prevent spoiling, breakage, tampering, or theft; enhance convenience in use or storage; and make products easier to identify. Thus, packaging
has become a vital means of differentiating items and informing inundated consumers.

Most of products on Trait-tech come with distinctive packages, which makes it much more efficient for consumers to get
closer to the products. But not all products are with packaging.

How to know which products come with package and which not?             

1. Click the attractive item. If package is showed, then that is it! You will get the item with the displayed packages. 
For example:

2. On the contrary, if no package displayed online, the item will be packed in opp bag (similar type as below):
opp bag

3. Fascinating package needed for naked productes? More choices for you:

retail package

4. All packagings dissatisfies you? OEM welcomed, your design can be perfectly made.


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