An good ideal for starting your business


Do you want to run a successful store by yourself? Do you still trouble by which kind of store to be managed? Trait can help you!

Thers is a jewelry industry market situation and strategy consulting report from 2013~2018 saying that Jewelry industry is an emerging industry. It has developed relatively quickly, almost penetrated into the hearts of every female beauty. The development prospects are very impressive.

Our ornaments follow fashion trend. It has been at affordable prices, with excellent after-sales, good product quality and quality of occupied domesticmarket, types of goods, many varieties, and update speed, to keep pace with the business. Mainly around the most popular. We can serve you. We have a professional packaging, shop all jewelry (in addition to the relatively large ornaments) packing boxes;

Why choose us?


We provide samples with wholesale prices. Moreover, we also offer you discount when you make bulk order.


You maybe worry about  the product picutres if you plan to open an online store, which can be easily solved when you work with us. You’ll have access to the high quality pictures without Trait watermarks after you place order.


We do dropshipping. Your customer will receive products directly without any Trait-tech information in the package. Therefore, you need’t  worry about your customers coming to us to get product directly.

Payment terms

Paypal is accepted here, which is fast and buyer-protective, very effient for small amount transaction. Besids paypal, Western&Union, Credit card(Convenient and efficient), TT are also welcomed.

What are  you waiting for? Welcome to jion us.Let’s achieve a win-win!