“Carry”mobile phone’s “shoulder”

Genuine ipega latest generation of mobile phone carrier waterproof bike racks are coming!

mobile phone stand

Today to share an essential equipment mountain bike frame bicycle navigation mobile phone holder. The special feature of this product is 


Suitable for most cellphones;  

Using ABS material with a new, reasonable design;

Simple and convenient to install;

Easy to carry and collection.

waterproof stand

360 degree rotation of the body, adjustable pitch angle of 60 degrees,Stretch adjustment button to lock / pick up are very convenient.

stand holder

Sponge pad, non-slip, but also can effectively ease the shock impact and protect your phone.

stand ipega

The most amazing thing is that it has a strong waterproof function,links to the base bracket assembly using detachable, easy to operate.

Warm tips:

1 Please be careful not to use excessive force when operating stand to avoid damage to the stand.

2 Do not put this product in a damp or high temperature storage place.

3 Do not use chemical solvents to clean this product! To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth!

4 Do not squeeze or throw hit it.