Come on! Let’s go to Outdoor for Camping BBQ

mini gas stove

Ultra-small portable camping stove / high quality outdoor stove / fire tough strong incoming!

This kind of mini gas powered picnic stove burner base as one of the high-mild aluminum, light; fire stainless steel plate and frame.Small size, bearing strong; Foldable support frame, Small size, bearing strong;, foldable support frame, high-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system; Firepower, high thermal efficiency.

gas stove for camping

Overall gives a very simple Green Initiative feeling. Imagine sweating in the summer you do not need an operation and will be able to enjoy your dear little fellow gourmet experience nature together the beautiful scenery, it is more than a happy thing!


Overall sophisticated technology, interface processing precision; common good, can be used directly for each brand circular spiral tone pot (use a long bayonet cans need to purchase another converter head); plastic box packaging, size and lightweight, can be easily placed in a conventional cookware inside, easy to carry outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Come on! Let’s go to outdoor for camping BBQ!