How to buy those products that do not show on our website?

We are a wholeseller of  Consumer Electronics Products. As we all know that products are updated very rapidly. There are many new items launched out in a certain period of time, even everyday. Sometimes you can not find out some products on our website.

There are some reasons:
1. Products have been already post on our relative dept. and waiting for editing and then can be launched out.

2. We did not update in time. In the face of this, we will update to our relative dept. after receiving photos from our customers OR get the details from our customers. Feedback will be sent to our customers within 1-2 days.

3. OEM products. Happy to let you know that OEM is accepted. But sometimes MOQ is required. Kindly inquiry to our sales and we will reply you in time. Please send us details information when you need OEM products.such as, LOGO photos, colors etc.

It is our pleasure to get inquiry from you and we will try our best to find the products you need.
Welcome to send products information to us( which you are looking for.


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