How to choose a proper payment method shopping online?

Shopping online has be trend world widely, especially for young people, if you tell you friends you do not shop online, you may be considered as a “Frankenstein”. There is no doubt that shopping online brings much convenience to our life. But when shopping online, the payment is a big issue for us. For the buyers, we should select a safe and economical payment method. Then how can we choose a proper payment method shopping online?

Following are 4 payment methods widely used in shopping online:

1. Paypal

Paypal is a secure online payment method, which allows you to pay or get paid quickly and easily without sharing any of your financial information with the other user. But for Paypal, the commission fee is high, 4% commission fee each deal. And it is economical for pay the total amount less then $1000.

2. Credit Card

Payment by credit card is very convenient for buyers to pay. And the commission fee by credit card is 3.8% and also suit for small orders. But for security reason, the buyer may be asked to provide some personal information to confirm the buyer’s identify.

3. Western Union

If you use western union to make the payment, you have to choose a reliable supplier.

The commission fee of Western Union maybe $15-$50, this depends on the policy in different country. And for western union, there is a quota; it suits for the total amount $1000-$5000.

4. T/T (bank transfer)

T/T payment is an advanced payment like Western Union, to select a reliable supplier is a must. And it suits for the orders that over $5000.

And in general, for T/T payment, the buyer pay 30% deposit to seller, and the balance against copy of B/L.

Above are some of my suggestions. If you have more good opinions, you can contact me on facebook to discuss together.


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