How to pick up a supplier

Setting up a business comes with lots of responsibility. Once you’re up and running, staying on top of your day-to-day operations can be a lot of work, and sourcing products to sell takes up valuable time and resources. a good supplier can help you a lot.

The best way to source Chinese suppliers is to use a website like Alibaba, which allows you to search through high volumes of suppliers using a range of different criteria. It’s fast, effective and will make it far easier to single out a few promising prospects from the thousands of companies out there. However, some Chinese companies may have an untranslated or poorly translated website that doesn’t tell you all you need, so if you can enlist someone to help you search in Chinese it could a worthwhile step.

Other channels can have their advantages too – for example, attending trade fairs can be beneficial, since it allows you to strike up working relationships based on face-to-face meetings which are extremely important in Asian cultures. However, to save valuable time and transport costs, you could easily contact suppliers through a business-to-business website and then arrange a video conference, Skype or phone call.

Contact these suppliers, explain your business and get a sense of who is genuinely interested in you as a customer. The ones who reply promptly to emails and have all the information you ask for on hand are worth holding onto. Give them a detailed specification and ask for samples – and when they arrive, make sure you check the packaging and instructions as well as the build quality. Do they understand and meet all the right certification requirements for the market where you’ll be selling the products?

for example, if you choose trait tech you can search it in different ways, you can find it on Alibaba,you can search it in goole or if you like you can go there to have a look.

By taking the stress out of sourcing your products, you’ll save valuable time and resources that you can devote to your business. so be carefully when you choose a supplier.



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