How to start fire in the outdoors safely?

Wild fire tools are indispensable necessities of life, when a person disoriented, or too late to reach camp before dark, it can often help people out of trouble, and even save lives.

In the absence of matches and lighters, the following approach can be used to make fire, the following matches this tool is in addition to firing tools to survive in the wild. Today, i want to share the tool with people who love outdoor sports.

fire starterfire starterfire starter_副本

Suitable for outdoor camping use, the use of magnesium alloy sparking material (special treatment, good stability), sheet metal side of the friction force can be instantly issued a high temperature and high brightness, 5000-12000 times spark ignition, high reliability and nearly fit for any climate and conditions for camping, barbecue, heating added convenience. Other products tend to be affected by the harsh environment. Such as pressure, oxygen content of the atmosphere, water, wind, and other factors. Super flint reliability has been making outdoor experts, hunters, anglers and campers favorites.

 fire starter

start a fireUsage: Blade scraped the combustion portion of the amount of material in a small pile of debris in the hay, leaves or paper, draw magnesium ribbon to produce Mars quickly ignited. When the flame generated by adding thin sticks, to form a flame.

Feature: Features: Waterproof, economical and practical, easy ignition

Dear friend, if you like outdoor sports, it will be your best option!



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