I want to import phone cases from China, but I’m worried about the quality

As we all know, products made in China are with much lower prices than that of many countries, so more and more business men and companies import from China to make them more competitive in their local market. There are also many people who want to import from China, but worried about the quality of Chinese products, because their target customer group require high quality.

 Nillkin case

Now I only take the phone cases for example, which is a very popular industry since the issue of iPhone. At the very beginning, the case designs are limited and the quality of the cases are very normal or even bad quality, but they are still very popular with customers worldwide. As this industry goes mature, more and more new companies involved. This field is highly competitive now. Customers are more willing to choose the high quality cases, therefore, many nice case companies with their own brands emerged, such as SGP, Incipio, Otterbox, Griffin, and Speck, etc. Even if their prices are not cheap at all, people like them and are happy to spend money on them. But to establish such a company is not an easy job, not a good idea for small and medium size companies at least.

 rock case for Samsung

People all believe the brand effect. A brand means quality is guaranteed. Where can we source good quality brand cases without worrying about the price and copyright problem? Of course Chinese brand cases! Many Chinese case factories developed their own brands with good reputation. Please don’t think there are no good quality products in China. We can do them with competitive prices. I believe many people have heard case brands like “Hoco”, “Nillkin”, “Rock”.

 Hoco leather case

Besides quality, there are more reasons for you to choose them:

  1. Trait has got those brands’ certification of authority. You needn’t worry about the copyright problem.
  2. Reasonable price. Compared with those big brands, the prices of Chinese brands are much more competitive. The average price of one cell phone case of big brand is about $30, while Chinese brand case is only $7-$8.
  3. Reputation. Chinese brands has spend lots of time and energy on promotion, thus many people from other countries get more and more familiar to these brand names and want to buy them.


If you are interested, welcome to search on www.trait-tech.com


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