Paypal, Bank, and Western Union, which is the best payment for you?

With all the options for making purchases and payments, it can be difficult to know which payment method to choose, especially for fresh buyer. Is there really a “best” way to pay for things? If you’ve been pondering the question, the following should help you make a decision.

Below are the comparisons between Paypal, western union, and bank transfer which are the most frequently used nowadays.

1. Commission
Paypal will take 4% on total amount of payment, for large amount of payment, bank can be given a prior consideration because it only charges US$8.4 for per transfer transaction. Western union’ commission is based on countries, for details, please kindly call 825009898(English) to consult.

2. Safety
You can get the money back after a reasonable complaint to paypal which are advocates for buyers. Money never comes to your account once you pay a fraudster by bank or western union. Paypal for fresh buyer is strongly suggested.

3. Convenience
Bank and paypal provide easy recordkeeping, Bank transfer is accepted at many merchants which makes purchasing convenient. Western union is only allowed by a few banks which offer western union money transfer service. While, paypal is the easiest way, you can process on on Internet and make it within several minutes.

4. Accounting date
Receivers can withdraw money once you offer them related payment info. which you can get from western union as soon as you make remittance. Payment by paypal can be successfully transferred immediately to someone’s account. And deposit in bank will be in process for several days and then goes to receivers’banks.

You are the one who decides the payment method, do carefully consider the benefits of each payment method before making a purchase. Hope the info. above can help you out if you are stumped at the checkout line.


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