Samsung S5 VS Samsung S4

Samsung S5 VS Samsung S4

Samsung has released its flagship Android smart phone–Galaxy S5 officially today. And once again, it looks to have set the bar high.


Q: What is the difference between Samsung S5 and S4?Which performance better on the appearance and the configuration?

Though this new machine and Galaxy S4 are from the same family in the design, but it is easy to find the difference on appearance, of course, improvement on the configuration is also obvious. Today I compared these two flagship Samsung S Series smartphone from configuration to appearance simply.

Contrast of appearance between Samsung S5 and S4 

The size difference is not great on the front. S4 is 5 inches, and the debut S5 is equipped with a 5.1 inch display. The compact body design makes the Samsung GALAXY S5 is not much bigger than the Samsung GALAXY S4, which also ensure to maximize the hand feel and portability.

The difference is very clear on the back side of the two generations. In fact, the S4 cover is relatively smooth though it looks uneven with some fine texture. However, Samsung GALAXY S5 is different, the back cover has a similar texture of leather, but made of polycarbonate material, which reminds us think of the Samsung GALAXY Note3.

Which one is better?

The aesthetic standard of each person is different, so it is hard to say which is better.
In fact, there is no great upgrade on the Samsung S5. For example, 2K screen, 3GB RAM, Samsung S5 are not equipped with these top Configuration. The two biggest upgrades are three defenses and fingerprint identification.

Generally speaking, the processor, interface and other upgrades or changes of S5 are not advanced compared to S4. For the average users, there is no big significance to change the generation. As for those users who pay much attention to the three anti- fingerprint scans, heart rate monitor functions, the new generation is still in very good. If not essential, the practical and affordable S4 is a good choice.

If you have bought a new Samsung S5, please wear a soft cloth for it. Let the soft TPU case protect your costly Samsung Galaxy S5.



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