Still rummage a ringing phone in your bag? It’s time to wear a watch phone on your wrist!

T watch

Talos is a famous American intelligence wear and fashion accessories Apple consumer electronics brands. A cultural heritage of the design team, and a strong software development team, smart technology and the perfect combination of fashion and art, TWatch II is the latest masterpiece Talos team.


Following the success of the first generation of smart watches TWatch launch, Talos (Talos) strong design and software teams, and effort to build the latest generation of TWatch II, the feature is fully functional, and direct calls, is called “the most complete to date can call smart watch”!


TWatch II design style is very simple, metal surface treatment, one-button design is simple and clear, in line with current fashion trends, strap material design 200 000 user surveys used, not only slip dust, more comfortable to wear.

TWatch II uses the finest in the history of the Apple iPod nano high-definition screen, 1.55-inch display, 240 x 240 pixel resolution, colorful, high sensitivity, handling just sliding around switching menu, slide down to return to the previous menu.



TWatch II in addition to time, will be able to dial directly by dialing / answering calls.

TWatch II also has a variety of intelligent functions, you can receive / reply message, answer / make calls, control music phone, sync weather, calendar, sports / pedometer, remote cameras, mobile security, find the phone,  micro-channel message etc., but also more support for software updates by APP, truly intelligent life.



TWatch II development team is already out of the second paragraph of Talos smart watches products, both on process maturity, or product stability, are higher than the general intelligence watch!

TWatch II can complete support Android system, Bluetooth connectivity and implement software synchronization, enabling calls, exercise and living aides watch individual functions!

“Set hands free, you will do as you wish”!







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