Still troubled by refund problems for unavailable products? In-Store Credit helps you out.

There are thousands of kinds of products on our website, and we keep adding new products on it every day. However,  we both in the instantaneously variable market competition, sometimes we can not catch up with the step of market.  So there are a few products maybe not available and the money need to be refunded.

In-Store Credit could helps you out from the refund problems.  Especially for drop shippers. In this way, you will save much payment commission. Let me show you how it works:

1>  Tell the salesgirl to refund the money to your in-store credit in Trait if products in your order are unavailable.

2>  When you place a new order on, there will show your balance on the check out page. Just enter the amount you want to use, then you could checkout directly. In this way, you could save the payment commission.

1 in store credit

3>  Say if you have only $5 balance, but the whole order value is $10. And you still could use your balance, just choose the payment method you like,  then check out directly.

4> If you only have to pay $5 for your order, but you enter $6 in the balance blank and click the checkout button. Do not worry, our system only deduct $5 from your in-store credit. And you could view all  your transaction details at the In-Store Credit attribute.



5>  How can I withdraw my balance?

Click “Withdraw” — Enter the withdrawal amount — Leave us a message(your paypal account or your visa card number…) — Submit

Then we will refund your balance to your account.




If there is any questions you meet when using this function, please contact us. We are glad to help you out.


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