The Advantages and Disadvantages of International Post

An international post  is the package that’s within 2 kg through airmail service send abroad. The Length, Width and Height are less than 90 cm, and the longest side is no more than 60 cm. For the B2C sellers on eBay, Amazon, Dhgate etc., who sell electronics, accessories, handicraft,etc.,they like to send their goods by post service.

The most popular post channels are as follows:China Post, Singpost, Hong Kong Post, TNT Post, and Royal Mail, etc.

However, as an old saying goes, every coin has two sides. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of the post service:


1) The postage is low. Compared with other shipping method like EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT etc., the international parcel services have absolute price advantage. The postage may be half less than by express service.

2)Simplicity. It is convenient to deliver goods by post service. And there is no first weight and additional weight for post to calculate the shipping fee.

3) Globalization. Products can be delivered to clients almost any country or region. The post service can reach to anywhere with post office.

4) Except for some prohibited goods, all the small products can be delivered by post.


1) It is slow for the information to be displayed and be tracked online. And always the exact location of the goods could be unknown.

2) There is always a delay for post to deliver the goods. If the customer is lucky, he can get the goods in 5-7 day. But usually it takes 15- 30 days to get the package. For some remote countries and regions, it even gets longer.

3) Sometimes, the package may be returned or missing during transit. And the post company do not compensate for loss.



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