What if B/L (Bill of Lading) lost in sea shipment?

It is really disaster when all the original documents (B/L, Packing list, CI) for sea shipment all lost, it means your client may not be able to pick the goods from the destination port šŸ™ When i got the news that all documents for sea shipment got lost on way to client, it was really unbelievable, but i have to accept the factor and find solution immediately to prevent loss for both client and our company.

Firstly, we need client to inquire from local customs if the copy of B/L (most important) Ā can work if the original document lost. If it works, then we just need to send the copy to client, and everything will be settled easily. (This way seldom will work.)

Secondly, we have to find alternative in case the copy does not work. We inquired from China customs, we need to register on our local newspaper to claim that the documents got lost and scan the news to customs, notifying that Ā the documents are invalid, and apply Telex Release (Which just needs the exporting company to provide theĀ telexĀ releaseĀ letter ofĀ authorizationĀ andĀ theĀ Guarantee to the shipper and the destination port will inform the importer to pick up goods). The whole procedure will take about 3 work days; the newspaper charges and the revise of Telex Release will cost about US$150.00, but it is up to different customs and newspaper.

PS: Not all countries will accept the copy document, please inquire according to your real condition, and do not send the documents with other goods, it is better to send with DHL separately šŸ™‚

If any unclear, welcome to send email to cassie@trait-tech.com, i will be very pleased to help you.




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