Will my privacy be leaked out if I send you the Visa authorization?

Visa payment brings a lot of convenience for online buyers and sellers. Every coin has two sides. When people are enjoying themselves during online shopping, the sellers are facing the risk of visa payment. In order to confirm the authenticity of the transaction and ensure the deal is safe for you, buyers who pay over $150 through visa at one time need to be asked to provide some documents.

Usually the documents include:

1. The scan of handwritten letter of authorization with signature “My full name is XXXX. The purchase on the order TXXXXX, XXXUSD dollars, Transaction Date xxxxx from my Visa card XXXXX is authorized.
2. The scanning copy of your passport. (the page with your name and photo on it)
3. The scanning copy of the Visa card (front and back) or bill with billing address

This is just a procedure to ensure the deal, your information will be kept confidential and will never be leaked out.

If you are worried about the safety, you could do as the below:

1 2 3 5

If you do not want to provide these info to anyone, please kindly change your payment method to paypal or western union or T/T.

Then we will deliver your parcel ASAP. If you have some better suggestions, please feel free to discuss with me at my facebook.


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