Apple and Samsung Smartphone‘s Market Share is shrinking, Shocked by Huawei and Lenovo

According to Technology News CNET reports,  the global mobile phone sale has increased, but due to the Huawei and Lenovo, Apple and Samsung market share has decreased.

Strategy Analytics research shows that global smart phone sale has reached to 285 million unites, increased 33% compared with last year’s first quarter. But the increasing part is mainly in Asia market. It becomes stronger and stronger than in North American market.

Samsung in the first quarter of this year sold 89 million mobile phones, still ranked first in all mobile phone manufacturers. However, Samsung’s market share has dropped from 32% to 31% in the first quarter of this year. Strategy Analytics executive director Neil Mawston said: “Samsung’s high-end mobile phone is in the face of pressure from Apple. The middle and low market is controlled by Huawei and Lenovo. “

Apple’s first quarter production is 43.7 million mobile phones, market share reached 15%, a decrease of 2 percentage points from 17% . Mawston said: “Apple’s competitiveness is in high-end mobile phones. But it’s poor performance in low-end mobile phone letting it lose the rising American Market.

Huawei and Lenovo’s global market share in the first quarter of this year is at around 5%

Strategy Analytics senior researcher Linda Sui said: “Huawei is fully extended European market, while Lenovo also develops their own business in Russia. Lenovo will be bigger c0mpetitor to Apple and Samsung because of the purchasing of Motorola




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  • Alvin Dobson

    Huawei has great products, especially tablets, which are also afforable. It’s no surprise they are eating into Apple’s market share. People are starting to understand the iPad / iPhone is overpriced.