Why do you need healthy bracelet?

why do you choose bracelet


Smart bracelet is a wearable smart device. By this bracelet, smart bracelet
Users can record real-time data everyday exercise, sleep, etc., and these data with the Android device synchronization, played the role of a healthy lifestyle by guiding data.

five color for bracelet



This product compact and lightweight, stylish, compact design, colorful wristband colors to create your high quality of life.

Smart bracelet inside built a life time up to 10 days of lithium batteries,Natural, non-toxic, high-end fashion design, not only has the function of sports health secretary, also has various colors.


sleeping function


When the bracelet is switched to sleep mode, it will automatically monitor your sleep quality, let you sleep on their quality at a glance;

Equipped with more accurate energy meter technology to step number , making it easy for you to understand that the day that he went     much further , the line number of meters , consumed how many calories for those keen on outdoor sports and weight loss , and provides real-time monitoring service;

After each end of the exercise, the daily sleep, the results generated data will be synchronized to your Android phone APP inside, which is more intuitive to see these results.


Healthy Bracelet from sub-health,Let’s more scientific“play”



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