You can Autodyne Freely and Comfortably Now–Bluetooth Monopod

No matter when we travel or meet friends, we like taking photographs. If you are alone, it’s difficult to make a selfprotrait without asking a stranger for help. If there are more than one guys, the most unlucky one is the guy who carries the camera. He/She can hardly find himself/herself in the photos.

Yes, you may say that there’s self-timer function on most cameras, but the precondition is you can find a place where the camera can be put on it, which is difficult to realize outdoors.

Look at the people below. Which pose do you like?


About one week ago, a news said a 19 years old Russian boy, AlexanderRemnev, who is both a extreme sports enthusiasts and a photographer, climbed to the skyscrapers in Dubai and had taken many breathtaking photos.


How did he take these pictures? Just look what’s in his hand- a wireles monopod!

With it, things will be much easier.

wireless monopod