Perfect Christmas Gift for Winter Call

If you are troubled with choosing an appropriate Christmas gift for your loved friends or relatives, here is a good choice for your reference—the magic bluetooth gloves.
Amazing Bluetooth gloves allow you to answer and speak on your phone without it ever leaving your pocket or holster. It takes a minute to pair the device to your phone via bluetooth and presto answer all calls and talk via your glove in the most of convenient ways. Innovative technology meets fashionable practical wear in these comfortable stylish gloves.
In the left glove’s thumb is a tiny speaker, and in the pinky is a wee microphone. By extending them both in the usual hand-gesture, you can chat with your friends for up to 20 hours on a charge! Gone are the days where talking into thin air will brand you a crazy-person! Now you can show the world that you can actually talk to the hand, and with excellent sound-quality!
Features and Specifications:
Bluetooth handset built into the left glove
Compatible with all devices that are Bluetooth-compatible
Conductive-fiber allows capacitive touch operation
Operating range: 40 feet
Battery life: Standby 10 days, 20 hours of conversation
Sizes: Choose men’s or women’s sizes in knit, specific size in leather
Colors: Black and grey knit, black leather
Composition: Knit – 95% polyacrylonitrile, 3% cotton, 2% polyester; leather – 100% genuine leather
Charges over micro USB (~ 30 minutes, cable included)
Tested and works with iOS, Android, Windowsphone, Blackberry
Dry clean only
Answer calls from your glove with the latest Bluetooth and Touch Screen technology! Not only are these fleece Bluetooth Gloves warm and comfortable, they also wirelessly synch to your smartphone turning your right hand into a phone. They make answering phone calls really simple with the added bonus that when it is cold you don’t need to remove your gloves to make and take calls.
What a wonderful gift !