Samdi Wooden Mobile Tablets Stand Holder for Tablet PC

This product is made of high quality of wooden, eco-friendly and no poison. We can see the wood-grain texture clearly on its surface.The holder has 5 layers and pressed together by strong force.

The unique design and color of the stand holder not only make your holder special but also help to decorate your room.

Below is the detail images and feature descriptions of the holder.


2We normally use angel 1 for holding, but when we tilt it down, we can use angel 2 for holding either.

The most important is, this holder can fit for tablet pc, mobile phone, MP4 or other portable electronic devices.

If you are interested in it, please quick move and buy it!




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Everyone is welcomed to Trait-tech!

You will definitely receive a warm welcome when you come to visit trait-tech, no matter you are a new customer or regular.
We are grateful to express our passion of “welcome to china” as a chinese, and “welcome to trait-tech” as a trait-tech worker.
And it is our honor to offer invitation letter if it is necessary for you. Just enjoy your trip like jorrit(the guy in the picture).

0117_3 0117_1



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Oversea Shopping Impacts on Traditional Internet Business

2014.12.5 Black Friday, Alipay date shows payment throught Alipay to purchase goods overseas increase 2 times than last year at the same time.

In some American shopping website, Chinese user’s orders increase more than 100 times.

Some experts said oversea shopping will be the last blue sea of internet business.

Chinese internet business such as Amazon, Tian Mao, Su Ning, Alipay also come into this fierce competition, hope to share the market.
Cross-boarded business’s rising brought interests at present from the dates after Black Friday.

But at present, there are still lots of blocks:

1. Shipping time is too long, hard to deal with quality problem because of long distance;
2. China did not post some good policy, still have a lot problems at Custom;
3. Customers purchasing feeling is not that good as imagine, cross-boarded paying is still limited;

In spite of this hard situation, many traditional internet business has been influenced greatly, especially in clothes, Maternal and child products etc

For traditional business, this might be a chance to innovate and transform;

Bluetooth Magic Gloves for Smart Phone

In Cold Winter .It is snowing, it is cold and you are in full winter gear. How are you going to answer your phone or use a tablet outdoors with bulky gloves on? This was the question running through the mind of all people, and we’ve created this Complete Guide to help you choose the ones that are best for your vehicle and personal needs.

Touch screen devices such as the iPhone and the iPad have become part of daily life for many of us—they’re our phones, our navigation devices, our media players, our all-purpose, look-up-everything machines. But for those of us living in colder climates, there’s a solid four- or five-month stretch where these gadgets also the bane of our existence—in order to use them, we have to shed the protective garments that keep our hands from turning into popsicles.



These gloves for Use with iPad, iPhone blend well with the highly advanced features of your device. The style looks stunning with the vibrant color scheme used and the geometric pattern brings a sophisticated touch to the featured design. Fully equipped with soft yet comfy fiber composition, these gloves make your iPad or iPhone experience a truly amazing one. the gloves for Use with iPad, iPhone now and grab the opportunity of obtaining the best budget-friendly price through our fascinating offers RIGHT NOW! offering comfort in use at the most reasonable wholesale price! Expertly woven into its fingertips is a special conduction material that keeps user interface convenient and safe. This pair of gloves delivers ease and flawless method of operating your gadget, as it prevents undesirable fingerprints from appearing or smudging the screen of your device.

what are you waiting for ?come and buy!!!



Maybe you are curious about the picture, maybe you have heared about Chunyun, but you think you really know it?

Chunyun is a period of travel in China with extremely high traffic load around the time of the Chinese New Year.

The period usually begins 15 days before the Lunar New Year’s Day and lasts for around 40 days.

The number of passenger journeys during the Chunyun period has exceeded the population of China, hitting over 3.6 billion in 2014.It has been called the largest annual human migration in the world.

Most of the passengers are college students on their winter vacation and migrant workers returning home for Spring Festival.


Passenger flows will be concentrated in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan and some other cities.

Most of them decide to return back to their hometown by train, so it makes the traffic very crowded and busy.


Now you may have a macroscopical impression on Chinese Chunyun. It is essential to make more orders to prepare enough stock for your business before Chinese New Year.

Wish you all a prosperous new year~