Fantastic Smart Bracelet! Original Xiaomi Mi Wristband


Low cost, high spec

While Xiaomi is little known in the West, where it does not yet sell devices, Business Week magazine recently described it as a “brand that consumers truly lust after” in China and other emerging economies.

The Xiaomi bracelet has function of record the sport date in every day, sleep quality monitoring, smart alarm clock wake up.
You can view real-time physical activity through mobile applications, monitoring the effect of walking and running, you can identify more sport through the clouds.
Xiaomi bracelet can automatically determine whether to sleep, deep sleep and light were recorded and summarized sleep time to help users monitor their sleep quality.
it can connect with your android 4.4 mobile phone(support connect the system with android 4.4 or more high), the Battery can support 30 days.
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Function: Passometer,Fitness Tracker,Sleep Tracker,Call Reminder
Water resistant (IP67)
30-day standby power
Sleep-cycle smart alarm
Fitness monitor & sleep tracker
Running MIUI Android 4.4 and above
Unlock your Mi phone without a password
Stylish band options (incl. wrap-around and leather)
Input Voltage : DC 5.0V
Battery Capacity : 41mAh
Cell Type : Lithium Polymer
Input Current : 25mAh (TYP)
Alloy Body Dimension : 36*14*9 mm
Alloy Body Shell Material : Polycarbonate
Wrist Strap Material : DowCorning TPSiV
Metal Face Material : Magnesium Aluminum Alloy
LED Notification Light : Blue, Green, Red, Orange
Adjustable Wrist Strap Length : 157mm ~ 205mm
Compatible with Xiaomi Mi4 / Mi3 featuring Bluetooth 4.0

Why not choose it?
Come on, baby!

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NEW FASHION CHEAP Xiaomi Yi Camera Xiaoyi Mi Action Sport Camera

As we all know. it is a fashion style that taking photos whenever we meet lovely and pleasant affairs in order to memory the exciting moment in our life.

Then There is a question: How to keep the pleasant memory better and longer?

You may answer I will keep it by phone photos.

YES, you are exactly right!

However, Mobile Phone is just a more communivation tool than a good carama.

Here I want to introduce you a new fashion style camara, Xiaomi Yi Camera Xiaoyi Mi Action Sport Camera,  which is cheap enough(almost ten times cheaper that GoPro costs).

However, its function is not  worse than that Gopro products.

Now Let’s go enjoying the detail information of this magical Camara!

Model Number :Xiaomi yi sport camera xiaoyi action camera
Lens :16MP CMOS F2.8 155° wide angle
Resolution :Max 4608×3456
Time lapse photography :0.5S/1S/2S/5S/10S/30S/60S
Timer shooting :3-15S
Trajectory of shot:7/Sec
Video :1080p(60fps),1080p(48fps),1080p(30fps),1080p(24fps)
480P :480P(240fps)
Signal to noise ratio:92dBA
Battery Capacity:1010mAh
LED Light Deep blue :High Power
LED Light Purple:Middle Power
LED Light Deep Red:Low power
Support TF Card:
Yes,max to 64GB(Not included in this item)
WIFI :yes
Bluetooth: 4.0
– 72 Grams and made from PC + ABS and metal composite materials – Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS 16 Million Pixel Sensor – 155° (Mobile Phone 89°) Wide Angle Lens – 3D Noise Reduction – WiFi Connectivity (Up to 100 Metres), easily transfer video and photos to your smartphone – BLE Ultra-low power consumption – Bluetooth and Remote App control – 4 Operating modes include; Photo, Time-lapse photo, Timed photo and Video – Share to social media within 10 seconds using the smartphone APP.
Package details: 
XiaoYi Sports Camera X1
Battery X1
USB cable X1
User Manual X1
Monopod X 1
Support Android Only!

And Also Let me show you more pictures to know better of this Camara.

T-Xiaoyi-1001A-1__Xiaomi-yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-1010mAh-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Standard-Edition T-Xiaoyi-1001A-2__Xiaomi-yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-1010mAh-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Standard-Edition T-Xiaoyi-1001A-3__Xiaomi-yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-1010mAh-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Standard-Edition

Pay attention.please! There is a Monopod together with the Camara. That makes it better to take photo when there are a lot of people. And there are two vision for your Choice:

Standard Edition & Travel Edition with Monopod

T-Xiaoyi-1002A-1__Xiaomi-Yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Mi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Travel-Edition-with-Monopod T-Xiaoyi-1002A-2__Xiaomi-Yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Mi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Travel-Edition-with-Monopod T-Xiaoyi-1002A-3__Xiaomi-Yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Mi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Travel-Edition-with-Monopod T-Xiaoyi-1002A-4__Xiaomi-Yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Mi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Travel-Edition-with-Monopod T-Xiaoyi-1002A-10__Xiaomi-Yi-Camera-Xiaoyi-Mi-Action-Sport-Camera-16MP-4608X3456-1920x1080p-WIFI-Bluetooth-4-0-Travel-Edition-with-Monopod




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New arrive wallet leather case for samsung g9200 galaxy s6

Samsung company released on G9200 galaxy s6 on March 2,a special and funky style smartphone .

For your new mobile phone,arent you need a good quality and beautiful case ?

Our company have new arrive wallet leather case ,different color and pattern ,perfect protect your phone from shock ,dust .

And you could watch conveniently because of the flip stand function .And good leather material.


Also we have usb cable ,adapter ,holder and other accessories for galaxy s6 .

High quality and use fatory price .



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Cute Cartoon Silicone Baby Safety/ Edge Corner Protector

You maybe have this experience that your baby was hurted by the sharp cornerand cried loudly.This is disturbing since we can not keep our eyes at our nauughty kids all the time.The following product will help you avoid this terrible things happening.Let’s get to know it, Baby Safety/ Edge Corner Protector,together:).

The Baby Safety/ Edge Corner Protector we introduce to you is not only a cute bear toy, also a effective weapon for protecting hurts.It can be used in the sharp surface of furniture, corners and home appliances.