Special case for samsung s6 edge G9250

Samsung S6 edge ,a special apperance and modern function .

Special accessary from Trait technology co.,ltd . We have different and funky style ,reasonable price and retail package .

Such as following View Translucent Flip PC Hard Case ,5 different color to choose .Special wake up function.


  • Material : Polycarbonate;
  • Sleek and mirror-like front cover;
  • Enjoy a stylish cover that is a perfect match;
  • The Galaxy S6 Edge clear view cover syncs with your Galaxy S6 Edge to provide you with a range of important information.
  • The Galaxy S6 Edge clear view cover is a perfect fit for Galaxy S6 Edge.
  • Its reflective, translucent finish accentuates the Galaxy S6 Edge’s smooth metal curves.
  • Folio design, keep the perfect streamline shape, good choice of fashion people.

We have thousands of models in our website ,if you are interested ,contact me ……..


How should l promise my baby’s safety when l am working.

Maybe Most of us still remember that In ShanDong , a two years old baby was alone at home. Because of curiousness. ,She climbed up the balcony in the fence. Fortunately, Passers-by rescued her in time .At the same time, A baby Girl In ShanDoing Was playing alone at home also ,Accidentally fell from the baby bed to brain injury .

Such security problems happened on our life every day .  How should l promise my baby’s safety when l am working.

Baby Monitor , which is a professional device for babies . You can always take care well of your baby !


To be a good  father/Mother, Let us start from here !


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Amazing Macbook 12

1.Only have 1 interface.

Transfer rate up to 10 Gbit/s, it will be finished charging, data transmission, image output with this interface.
But there have inconvenience that it is needed through a compatible accessory, while charging and other needs.

Part 1


2.Display & Screen resolutions

MacBook 12 carrying Retina display,Screen resolutions up to 2304×1440, the Visual angle close to 180 °,But Apple LOGO can not light up.
To achieve ultra slim body design,This macbook 12 using Intel m processor and fanless design.

Part 2


3.Sound quality

MacBook 12 stereo speaker are placed above the keyboard
But we found that MacBook 12 stereo speaker sound quality hasn’t lost to Retina 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro, Is really amazing.

Part 3

Here is our produt link for USB 3.1 Type C Cable for this Amazing Macbook 12:


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