Amazing Macbook 12

1.Only have 1 interface.

Transfer rate up to 10 Gbit/s, it will be finished charging, data transmission, image output with this interface.
But there have inconvenience that it is needed through a compatible accessory, while charging and other needs.

Part 1


2.Display & Screen resolutions

MacBook 12 carrying Retina display,Screen resolutions up to 2304×1440, the Visual angle close to 180 °,But Apple LOGO can not light up.
To achieve ultra slim body design,This macbook 12 using Intel m processor and fanless design.

Part 2


3.Sound quality

MacBook 12 stereo speaker are placed above the keyboard
But we found that MacBook 12 stereo speaker sound quality hasn’t lost to Retina 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro, Is really amazing.

Part 3

Here is our produt link for USB 3.1 Type C Cable for this Amazing Macbook 12:


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