Smart Home will Change our Life

Smart Home high-tech products go into the family fast since 2014 and will become hot selling products in future days

Following pointes will effect:

1. The future ages are growing up with internet technology and use smart home will be the trend.

2.Google purchased Nest at $ 3.2 billion, indicate the pomping up of smart home development.

3.People get lazier and lazier than before, if have some more convenient items to change life, then why not.



















For example, Below led E27 lamp with music player function, app control, color changing RGB light

1) Light: RGB light; light could be adjusted lighter or darker as you like.

2)With music function. You don;t need to purchase extra music player, save your money and easy to use, just open this light, music comes.

3)App control. All lights are controlled by your mobile phone, an app, all done.


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