Xiaomi Scooter! Best choice for Outdoor Entertainment


We are inventor of the balance car,establishing cooperation with xiaomi this time and bringing the newest balance car to everybody.

So that every departure, have become an expectation

Xiaomi two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter was designed in recent time. It is built-in 2 engines (power rate of each engine is 350W), faster and more steady, 16km/h average speed, 22km driving distance. Driving lamp, tail light, steering lamp and brake lamp is not for safer driving only, they are also great decorations, you can change the light color as you wish. Do you think it is cool enough? Not at all, try to control this scooter by your mobile phone!! Connect with mobile phone through Bluetooth, it will become a “remote control scooter”, show it to your friends. Come on and get this, it is yours.

xiaomi-speedway-desc-6 xiaomi-speedway-desc-10 xiaomi-speedway-desc-3

Main Features:

  1. 100% Original Xiaomi Balancing Scooter
  2. Maximum Speed: 16Km/H
  3. Maximum Load: 85KG
  4. Mileage: About 22KM
  5. Charging time: About 4 Hours
  6. Material: Magnesium alloy
  7. Body Tires: 10.5 inches of vacuum rubber tires.
  8. Lighting system: Inductive LED lights.
  9. Easy to learn, 3 minutes to be driving master Safe, brand guarantee, all parts are made of high quality material.
  10. Cool LED light makes it safer to drive, maximum illumination distance of driving lamp is 5m.
  11. Connect you mobile phone through Bluetooth, download an APP named Ninebot, your smart phone will become burglar alarm, instrument panel, you can also diagnose vehicle condition and do individual settings.
  12. Its high stationarity and balancing quality makes it easy to go through 15 degrees abrupt slope.
  13. Instantaneous power is up to 2000W, low noise.

Note: When you find the battery indicator light turned red, its lack of power. We recommend you to stop driving.

xiaomi-speedway-desc-1 xiaomi-speedway-desc-13


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New Arrival Mini Model LED Headlight Products

Old Year 2015 will end soon, adn new year 2016 is coming.
Also, we star new products–Led Headlight, with which you can go well in the deep night.
It bring you light and hope.
Here is some detail:
Model: LT – SSH Headlight
Lamp beads: 2 LED lights beads
Weight: 73g
Gross Weight: 101g
Package before LWH: 25cm × 25cm × 5cm
Package after LWH: 30cm × 30cm × 10cm
Color: gray and orange
Lamp beads lumens: 500Lumens
4 modes: Strong / Medium / Low / Strobe
LED life: 100,000 hours
Light Distance: 80 meters
Although you can water it does not mean you can dive, and therefore can not be placed in the water regardless of the product.
Waterproof grade: IPX-4
Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
In the dark or rainy night riding enthusiasts will not allow troubled.



We also have other LED Products, Such As  Mini Laser Led, used in Party show:

  • Amazing lighting effects to decorate your place;
  • Compact, easy to install;
  • Easy to use, plug and play;
  • Long life, excellent stability;
  • Safe, reliable, energy saving, low heat;
  • Built-in microphone can trigger an external sound.




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High Speed Magnetic Charging Cable for Android iphone

Do you want to get a multi function usb cable for your mobile phone ???

Dust plug , high speed ,magnetic charge,led display ,these is the newest cable from Trait tech .

While it is out of charging, the magnetic connector can be used as anti-dust plug,because it is 2 in 1 cable .

It have a good price and no moq ,can be shipping anytime .

attached is photo ;

http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-SAM-7647__1m-high-speed-micro-usb-to-usb-2-0-magnetic-charging-cable-with-led-status-display-for-android-white.htmlmagnetic cable

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Beginners Need High Quality Instruments

Why are you reading this column? Perhaps you’re a teacher, a performing -musician or someone involved in the manufacture, sale or repair of musical instruments. Whatever your line of work, it’s safe to assume two things about you: (1) you value music, and (2) given a choice, you prefer music of high quality.


The beginner’s task is the most difficult. Everything is new, with every step a challenge. There are so many physical and mental tasks to master that the last thing a beginner needs is problems with his or her equipment, which can turn an already difficult process into a series of insurmountable tasks. This is especially true in the case of elementary-age students learning to play band instruments.


As for as l am concerned, High Quality Instruments will be a important key to keep on going for the Beginners .

From now on , Choose the best  instruments for yourself .

T-GT-1025__Mini-3-in-1-Guitar-Metro-Tuner T-GT-1022__New-Guitar---Bass-Metro-Tuner T-GT-1021__6pcs-High-Quality-Chrome-Guitar-String-Tuning-Pegs-Tuners-Machine-Heads-3L3R T-GT-1020__Joyo-Chromatic-Digital-Clip-On-Tuner T-GT-1017__Cherub-WST-550G-Digital-Guitar-Mate-Clip-on-Tuner T-GT-1016__Cherub-WST-900-Clip-Evo-Clip-On-Chromatic-Tuner T-GIFT-229__61-Key-Hand-Roll-up-Soft-Keyboard-Portable-Piano T-GIFT-228__Roll-Up-Digital-Electronic-Soft-Keyboard-Piano-49keys