Which Kind Of Electric Shaver Is Good ? How To Choose It?

Shaver/Razor is kind of essential supplies for men, facial finishing is a necessary for helping men looks in high spirits, then a Shaver/Razor can show their capabilities, so what kind of electic shaver is good ? how to choose it ?

  1. Selecting a electic shaver.

Generally Speaking, there are two kinds of electic shaver: reciprocating electric shaver and spiral electric razor. Reciprocating shaver is good at cutting short beard clearly, but mid-end and low-end reciprocating shaver is not comfort enough, but high quality ones will be much better, for example FLYCO brand ones. Spiral electric razor is much comfort than reciprocating shaver, but can not cutting beard clearly as reciprocating shavers usually, but high quality ones will be better. Clean or comfort, decide by yourself.

2. How to evaluate good or bad ?

1) Checking by yourself , when you finish shave, is your face clear or not ? The less whiskers stay one  your face after shave, the better your electric shaver is.

2)Ask yourself,  it is comfortable enough when you shave ? The more comfortable, the better your electric shaver is.

3)How fast can you shave ? Many men do shave when they need go out. so the faster you can clear your face, the better your electric shaver is.

4)Other factors you care about.





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