Why do you need healthy bracelet?

why do you choose bracelet


Smart bracelet is a wearable smart device. By this bracelet, smart bracelet
Users can record real-time data everyday exercise, sleep, etc., and these data with the Android device synchronization, played the role of a healthy lifestyle by guiding data.

five color for bracelet



This product compact and lightweight, stylish, compact design, colorful wristband colors to create your high quality of life.

Smart bracelet inside built a life time up to 10 days of lithium batteries,Natural, non-toxic, high-end fashion design, not only has the function of sports health secretary, also has various colors.


sleeping function


When the bracelet is switched to sleep mode, it will automatically monitor your sleep quality, let you sleep on their quality at a glance;

Equipped with more accurate energy meter technology to step number , making it easy for you to understand that the day that he went     much further , the line number of meters , consumed how many calories for those keen on outdoor sports and weight loss , and provides real-time monitoring service;

After each end of the exercise, the daily sleep, the results generated data will be synchronized to your Android phone APP inside, which is more intuitive to see these results.


Healthy Bracelet from sub-health,Let’s more scientific“play”



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“Carry”mobile phone’s “shoulder”

Genuine ipega latest generation of mobile phone carrier waterproof bike racks are coming!

mobile phone stand

Today to share an essential equipment mountain bike frame bicycle navigation mobile phone holder. The special feature of this product is 


Suitable for most cellphones;  

Using ABS material with a new, reasonable design;

Simple and convenient to install;

Easy to carry and collection.

waterproof stand

360 degree rotation of the body, adjustable pitch angle of 60 degrees,Stretch adjustment button to lock / pick up are very convenient.

stand holder

Sponge pad, non-slip, but also can effectively ease the shock impact and protect your phone.

stand ipega

The most amazing thing is that it has a strong waterproof function,links to the base bracket assembly using detachable, easy to operate.

Warm tips:

1 Please be careful not to use excessive force when operating stand to avoid damage to the stand.

2 Do not put this product in a damp or high temperature storage place.

3 Do not use chemical solvents to clean this product! To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth!

4 Do not squeeze or throw hit it.



Come on! Let’s go to Outdoor for Camping BBQ

mini gas stove

Ultra-small portable camping stove / high quality outdoor stove / fire tough strong incoming!

This kind of mini gas powered picnic stove burner base as one of the high-mild aluminum, light; fire stainless steel plate and frame.Small size, bearing strong; Foldable support frame, Small size, bearing strong;, foldable support frame, high-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system; Firepower, high thermal efficiency.

gas stove for camping

Overall gives a very simple Green Initiative feeling. Imagine sweating in the summer you do not need an operation and will be able to enjoy your dear little fellow gourmet experience nature together the beautiful scenery, it is more than a happy thing!


Overall sophisticated technology, interface processing precision; common good, can be used directly for each brand circular spiral tone pot (use a long bayonet cans need to purchase another converter head); plastic box packaging, size and lightweight, can be easily placed in a conventional cookware inside, easy to carry outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Come on! Let’s go to outdoor for camping BBQ!

Still rummage a ringing phone in your bag? It’s time to wear a watch phone on your wrist!

T watch

Talos is a famous American intelligence wear and fashion accessories Apple consumer electronics brands. A cultural heritage of the design team, and a strong software development team, smart technology and the perfect combination of fashion and art, TWatch II is the latest masterpiece Talos team.


Following the success of the first generation of smart watches TWatch launch, Talos (Talos) strong design and software teams, and effort to build the latest generation of TWatch II, the feature is fully functional, and direct calls, is called “the most complete to date can call smart watch”!


TWatch II design style is very simple, metal surface treatment, one-button design is simple and clear, in line with current fashion trends, strap material design 200 000 user surveys used, not only slip dust, more comfortable to wear.

TWatch II uses the finest in the history of the Apple iPod nano high-definition screen, 1.55-inch display, 240 x 240 pixel resolution, colorful, high sensitivity, handling just sliding around switching menu, slide down to return to the previous menu.



TWatch II in addition to time, will be able to dial directly by dialing / answering calls.

TWatch II also has a variety of intelligent functions, you can receive / reply message, answer / make calls, control music phone, sync weather, calendar, sports / pedometer, remote cameras, mobile security, find the phone,  micro-channel message etc., but also more support for software updates by APP, truly intelligent life.



TWatch II development team is already out of the second paragraph of Talos smart watches products, both on process maturity, or product stability, are higher than the general intelligence watch!

TWatch II can complete support Android system, Bluetooth connectivity and implement software synchronization, enabling calls, exercise and living aides watch individual functions!

“Set hands free, you will do as you wish”!






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How to start fire in the outdoors safely?

Wild fire tools are indispensable necessities of life, when a person disoriented, or too late to reach camp before dark, it can often help people out of trouble, and even save lives.

In the absence of matches and lighters, the following approach can be used to make fire, the following matches this tool is in addition to firing tools to survive in the wild. Today, i want to share the tool with people who love outdoor sports.

fire starterfire starterfire starter_副本

Suitable for outdoor camping use, the use of magnesium alloy sparking material (special treatment, good stability), sheet metal side of the friction force can be instantly issued a high temperature and high brightness, 5000-12000 times spark ignition, high reliability and nearly fit for any climate and conditions for camping, barbecue, heating added convenience. Other products tend to be affected by the harsh environment. Such as pressure, oxygen content of the atmosphere, water, wind, and other factors. Super flint reliability has been making outdoor experts, hunters, anglers and campers favorites.

 fire starter

start a fireUsage: Blade scraped the combustion portion of the amount of material in a small pile of debris in the hay, leaves or paper, draw magnesium ribbon to produce Mars quickly ignited. When the flame generated by adding thin sticks, to form a flame.

Feature: Features: Waterproof, economical and practical, easy ignition

Dear friend, if you like outdoor sports, it will be your best option!


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