Iphone SE/Iphone 6/Iphone6s which one will you buy now?

Yesterday, Apple published their new 4.0inch iphone–Iphone SE, very iphone 5s’ appearance with iphone 6s’ configuration, but $250 cheaper than iphone 6s.  So now Iphone SE/Iphone 6/Iphone6s which one will you buy now?

Here’s some compares may help you make decision:


iPhone 5SE

iPhone 6

iphone 6s




compare price

Anyway, no matter which model you buy, you can always find the suitable phone accessories (phone case, cables,chargers,screen protectors, earphone…) from www.trait-tech.com, that’s the point, hahahaha….


Difference Between the cases for iPad Air and iPad Air 2

Are you still confused how to spot the difference between the cases for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 with no printed barcode on them?

Here is the way to distinguish them for your reference:

For iPad Air, camera hole is round.

For iPad Air 2, camera hole is oval.

 For iPad Air 2 Case For iPad Air Case



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    Yesterday, Apple published their new 4.0inch iphone--Iphone SE, very iphone 5s' appearance with iphone 6s' configuration, but $250 cheaper than iphone 6s.  So now Iphone SE/Iphone 6/Iphone6s which one will you buy now? Here's some compares may help you make decision: APPEARANCE 2. PARAMETERS COMPARISON 3. PRICE COMPARISON Anyway, no matter which model you…
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How to install a screen protector without bubbles

For an ordinary screen protector, the price is very low, maybe $0.3-$0.5.However, if we go to a phone repair stall or shop to put on the screen protector, we can be charged $3-$5.The cost is about 10 times for buying the screen protector and apply by yourself. But for DIY, we may meet the problem of air bubbles. Then how can we install a screen protector without bubbles?

Following 4 steps will tell you how to do:


Screen protector

Credit card, club card, bus card, etc.

Micro fiber cloth

Clear tape

Scissors or knife


1. Clean your hands with soap and water to remove any lotion or dirt.And remember to install the screen protector under the environment of dust as less as possible.

2. Use the micro fiber cloth to clear your screen. And after use the clear tape to remove as much as possible dust.

3. Usually, there are 3 layers for the screen protector. But only the middle layer is useful. Remove the backing from the screen protector, and hold it along the edges. You may start from the top or bottom of your device, but a good rule of thumb is to start with the end that will require the most precise alignment. (For example, on the iPhone, it would be the home button.) Once you’ve aligned the protector, adhere it to the screen, following with the bus card to push out any bubbles.

4. Peel off the front coating film. The work is done. You got a brand new screen protector for your device.



39   4  65


Kindly notice:

1. To compare the screen protector with your phone, see if the screen perfectly fit for the device

because the sizes of screen film from different manufacturers may not the same.

2.Be patient and slow, then you can make it.


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How To Save Shipping Cost?

We are happy that can have chances to service our customers and sometimes get a question from our customers for “How to save shipping cost?”
And we would like to show some methods to you right now.

1.Buy more products together in one time.

Below is an example of item no.T-PCA-1243 (Unit Price:16.26USD )screenshot which shows the price for 1 PCS only.
After calculating,Unit price is 23.06USD with Singpost shipping cost.



Below is screenshot that shows if you buy more pcs, You can buy mix items as almost of our products are without watermark.
Or you can buy together with  your friends.
After calculating,Unit price is17.98USD with DHL shipping cost.

50 PCS

2.Make total weight over 21.00KG
21kg is regarded as big cargo by DHL,UPS system, and the price for each KG will be lower than that of small cargo (less than 21kg).

Below is a screenshot that shows if shipment over 21KG,After calculating, Unit Price is only 17.19USD with UPS shipping cost.



Below is a screenshot for 20KG:


According to above data, we can know that buy more products  and make total weight over 21KG can save your shipping cost.


3.Remove packaging.

When CMB weight is bigger than product weight, We can remove package for you to make CMB smaller.
And for those packages, we will send them together with products and then you can pack product by yourself.

4.Use Fedex

For some countries, Fedex Shipping cost will be more cheaper than others ways (DHL,UPS,EMS,etc)when you shipment is big enough.
But it takes more time,around 4-7 Days.

Product link of above item: http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-PCA-1243/

Note: For DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT they calculate shipping cost by weight (CBM Weight and Product weight)
1.When Product weight is bigger than CBM weight,then shipping cost  is calculated by Product weight
2.When CBM Weight is bigger than Product weight,then shipping cost is calculated by CBM weight.

For EMS, they only calculate by Product weight. but can not be over 30KG per shipment.

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How to pick up a supplier

Setting up a business comes with lots of responsibility. Once you’re up and running, staying on top of your day-to-day operations can be a lot of work, and sourcing products to sell takes up valuable time and resources. a good supplier can help you a lot.

The best way to source Chinese suppliers is to use a website like Alibaba, which allows you to search through high volumes of suppliers using a range of different criteria. It’s fast, effective and will make it far easier to single out a few promising prospects from the thousands of companies out there. However, some Chinese companies may have an untranslated or poorly translated website that doesn’t tell you all you need, so if you can enlist someone to help you search in Chinese it could a worthwhile step.

Other channels can have their advantages too – for example, attending trade fairs can be beneficial, since it allows you to strike up working relationships based on face-to-face meetings which are extremely important in Asian cultures. However, to save valuable time and transport costs, you could easily contact suppliers through a business-to-business website and then arrange a video conference, Skype or phone call.

Contact these suppliers, explain your business and get a sense of who is genuinely interested in you as a customer. The ones who reply promptly to emails and have all the information you ask for on hand are worth holding onto. Give them a detailed specification and ask for samples – and when they arrive, make sure you check the packaging and instructions as well as the build quality. Do they understand and meet all the right certification requirements for the market where you’ll be selling the products?

for example, if you choose trait tech you can search it in different ways, you can find it on Alibaba,you can search it in goole or if you like you can go there to have a look.

By taking the stress out of sourcing your products, you’ll save valuable time and resources that you can devote to your business. so be carefully when you choose a supplier.



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