See What Trait-tech is Preparing for Your Credit.

If you are a regular client of Trait-Tech, then you must be familiar with the procedure of processing order on Trait-Tech.

After an order is confirmed online, Trait-Tech usually takes about 3 working days to finish preparation and then despatch it via selected shipping method (DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, EMS, SingPost,Sweden Post, Paypal Package, etc).

During preparation, sometimes a few items are sold out and will be unavailable for a while. And at this moment no other goods attract you. So just ready goods are sent and balance for out of stock commodities is reimbursed to your account. At the transaction, a certain commission will be taken by third party. So you must have long been annoyed at this. Trait-Tech is making process to solve the affair.

“In-store Credit” is being created on Trait-Tech.

An In-Store Credit is an account credit that can be used for any future orders by selecting In-Store Credit in the shopping cart.

The refund of your order will priorly goes to your in-store credit account, which can be either used for your next order or withdrawed to your paypal or bank account.

 In-Store Credit

The credit store are of course available for All registrants and buyers of Trait-Tech.  Stay tuned to know what exactly they are.


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