Why no free shipping on trait?

why no free shipping

Many Customers, especially some Individual buyers, when inquiry our company or products, their first questions is “do you offer free shipping?” Hearing our answer is “no”, they will say “goodbye”. No matter where people come from, we all like free shipping. Some B2C websites have built the psychological attraction by the way of free shipping. But do these websites really offer “free shipping”? Maybe follow screenshots will tell you the answer.

trait price and ebay price

Above are the different prices for the same case shipped to United States.

On eBay, it is free shipping; the total cost is $6.99.

On trait, no free shipping, the total cost including shipping is $5.78.


For those websites who provide free shipping, in fact, they have added the shipping cost to each product. But on our website, the shipping cost is based on weight and volume, we do not add margin on shipping, so our price is more competitive.

And the more you buy; the goods will share cheaper shipping cost. For example, if you buy 100 pieces, the shipping cost is $50.62 to United States. The shipping cost is only about $0.5 apportioning to each case.

each case price
The shipping cost is only about $0.5 apportioning to each case.

So next time, do not say goodbye to us so quickly and take some time to know us.

There is no free shipping on trait, but you save much more.






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