The Big Guesses of MH370

pray for mh370
14 days have passed, the search and rescue work of MH370 can be said to be no progress. New clues and discoveries are constantly rejected. Australia just announced yesterday that they have found the wreckage of likely suspected MH370, and then today announced that it is likely to be other cargo ship wreckage remains. MH370 flew away, without any trace in the sky, only guesses to us.

Here are some guesses from all sides:

1. MH370 has crashed.
Of course it is not crashed at the first time, but at the time when the fuel used up. Why it is crashed, nobody can reply you now.

2. MH370 was hijacked by terrorists.
Relatives of MH370 prefer to this possibility, it means their relatives are hope to be still alive.

3. MH370 is controlled by American side.
This guess is based on some politicians. Ukraine and United States declared war on Russia past days, and the Chinese government show their support to Russia. Therefore, the innocent passengers became the hostage.

4. MH370 entered the space-time tunnel or outer space.
This view is not impossible, just like the mystery of Bermuda events.

5. MH370 is a zombie plane.
This is the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about to reveal “a chilling new theory” about that Malaysian airliner that rendered it a “zombie” plane. I’m speechless.

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No matter what the truth will be and how long it will take to reveal the truth, we do really hope the MH370 fly back to Beijing.