How could you help your Mom to far away from the hot weather ?

I have a staff and he told me that his mother was going to celebrate her birthday but he still didn’t know what he should give his mom as a birthday present. I gave him the advice to give flowers, but he said it’s not special. Then I suggested a CD. He said her mother wouldn’t like it. Finally I said a sweet MINI Pocket USB Folding Electric Fan would be fine and he accepted it as a good ideal.


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There are a communication from a girl and our sale girl sophia: Writen on May 5th, 2015   

Girl : The clothers will be soaked in a hurry when my mom was cooking in the kitchen because of the hot weather which is like in the steamer .How could you help my Dear Mom ?

Sophia : Dear , why not put a fan in the kitchen ?

Girl  : l cannot  put a fan in the kitchen, because the hardware conditions, ceiling fans or wall-mountable fan don’t fit in my kitchen.But the ground or vertical fan, there are too many styles, the traditional floor, tower, cold water, no fan…Don’t know how to choose.

Sophia :  Dear , You can try to use our MINI Pocket USB Folding Electric Fan, It will easily go in your pocket or bag, handy and suitable for anytime and any occasion. You can easy to put in in the kitchen .

Girl:Dear Sophia , That would be a great ideal , My mom would love it so much , Thank you very much .

Sophia :Your welcome , Wish you luck and joy!


Online :


MINI Pocket USB Folding Electric Fan

  • It will easily go in your pocket or bag, handy and suitable for anytime and any occasion
  • Super compact and light weight, also perfect for room decoration
  • About 0-150 degree adjustable stand, very easy for you to control
  • Exactly the right thing to cool you down whilst on moving or working
  • Personal Air Cooler powered by USB Cable(included)
  • with ON/OFF switch on












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