Hot Two Wheels Smart Self Balance Scooter — How to select a perfect one ?

What’s the most hot product in 2015? Answer is smart self balance scooter !

Recently, you may often find your friends show their  smart balance scooter on facebook, Twitter and other social network .Even Justin Bieber and Young dance on it, seems awesome ( you can find their dancing video easily on google).That’s enough to say how hot smart self balance scooters is !


  Hot selling models: 6.5inch,7inch,8inch,10inch and the one for child.

1) 6.5inch tire smart self balance scooter — can be attached LED running light, bluetooth speaker and remote control function


2) 7inch tire smart self balance scooter


3) 8inch smart self balance scooter — attached LED running light, bluetooth speaker and remote control function


4) 10inch Cool Smart Self Balance Scooter — attached LED running light, bluetooth speaker and remote control function


5) MINI Smart Self Balance Scooter for Child


6) single wheel balance scooter


You may want buy a smart balance scooter also, but do you know how to select the perfect one with lower price ?

Don’t worry, now share you some tips:

1. How to get best quality balance scooter ? — the most parts of balance scooter are battery and chips.

1) Samsung lithium battery is the best choice, lithium battery has safty, long life cycles and environment friendly features. Samsung lithium battery is recognized as good quality.



2) Chips–Chips is the core part, you know how important it is, Smart balance scooter with Germany Chips will be better than others. Germany chips is recognized as high tech, stable and reliable.


   2. How to get lowest price -buy from China directly: China is world factory now. Most of the smart self balance scooter is made in China no matter where you buy from. Retailers import from china, so ordering from China online wholesalors directly you will get best price and best service, you do not need worry about the shipping, they can handle it for you easily.

Anyway, if you still can not find a suitable balance scooter after reading my article, feel free to contact me for suggestions, you know how to contact me : )



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