How to install a screen protector without bubbles

For an ordinary screen protector, the price is very low, maybe $0.3-$0.5.However, if we go to a phone repair stall or shop to put on the screen protector, we can be charged $3-$5.The cost is about 10 times for buying the screen protector and apply by yourself. But for DIY, we may meet the problem of air bubbles. Then how can we install a screen protector without bubbles?

Following 4 steps will tell you how to do:


Screen protector

Credit card, club card, bus card, etc.

Micro fiber cloth

Clear tape

Scissors or knife


1. Clean your hands with soap and water to remove any lotion or dirt.And remember to install the screen protector under the environment of dust as less as possible.

2. Use the micro fiber cloth to clear your screen. And after use the clear tape to remove as much as possible dust.

3. Usually, there are 3 layers for the screen protector. But only the middle layer is useful. Remove the backing from the screen protector, and hold it along the edges. You may start from the top or bottom of your device, but a good rule of thumb is to start with the end that will require the most precise alignment. (For example, on the iPhone, it would be the home button.) Once you’ve aligned the protector, adhere it to the screen, following with the bus card to push out any bubbles.

4. Peel off the front coating film. The work is done. You got a brand new screen protector for your device.



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Kindly notice:

1. To compare the screen protector with your phone, see if the screen perfectly fit for the device

because the sizes of screen film from different manufacturers may not the same.

2.Be patient and slow, then you can make it.



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