Customer gave me a thumb-UP

Thomas and i has cooperated for a long time. We cooperated very well all the time.But something accident happened in this time’s tablets, Those tablets without Japanese language !!! Unbelivable.


We usually think that all the tablets must conclude the Japanese language and don’t pay more attention on that part, but now it is the biggest problem to me know. It almost crushed me and so did my customer. We sent our customer the flush tablet firmware. I know little about the flush tablet, but i try to learn by myself and demonstrate to him how to operate it.

But unfortunately, still the problem was there.Some funny things also happened. My customer also received some phones and tablets without Japanese Language from his supplier, all the tablets with MediaTek firmware tabs have this problem. 

And after recheck the whole file, We finally found out that it is one of the most important file which went wrong. There are two scatter file in the zip file. so my customer choose the wrong one and finally he flushed successfully.


And after that summerise as below:

1.Check the language and set the Aim language as the default language

2.Check the power charger and confirm that it could be charged normally

3.Check as you are the first time to use the tablet


Photo 2

In one word, When met problems, just concentrating on how to solve it, not to think how terrible it is.

Although it really brings a lot of trouble of it, but finally my customer gave me a thumbs-up for my attitude.