How to change an iPhone 5 lcd screen

If your iPhone 5 has image display issues, and unresponsive touch screen or physical cracks or scratches on the glass, you can try to change the lcd by yourself, which is much easy and funny. Disclaimer: If your iphone 5 are still under the warranty, please think twice before you open it. Once you do it, there will be no warranty from Apple for your iphone.


Tools needed:

  1. an iPhone 5 lcd assembly in good condition
  2. suction remover
  3. (5 point) pentalobe screwdriver
  4. philps screwdriver
  5. spudger
  6. Triaggle paddles


Now, let’s begin.

  1. Turn off your iphone 5.

turn off your iPhone 5

    2. Undoing the two screws beside the charging port with pentalobe screwdriver.12-1 

     3. Remove the lcd. There are two ways of removal according to the lcd damage degree. If the lcd appears intact, we can put the suction above the home button, press hard and lift if gently. website tech info . hold the phone with the other hand. Now you needn’t take the lcd from the phone completely, because there are some flex cable connecting to the motherboard on the top.


If the lcd is badly broken, we’ll need the triaggle paddle to start . Insert the paddle between the lcd and phone from the left and right sides of the home button, slide slowly to the top until the paddle is deep enough, then use the spudger to level up the lcd.


      4. Now you will see a silver protective cover. Undoing the screws with the Philips screwdriver.

  1. 10-2

      5. There are lcd flex, digitizer flex, and front camera flex under the silver cover. Use the spudger(or twizeer) to remove them from the mainboard so that we can liberate the lcd from the phone.


      6. Take a new iPhone 5 LCD assembly, connect the 3 flex cables of the new lcd assembly on the mainboard. Cover the silver protective cover, and screw it tight with the right screws






      7. Close the lcd assembly.


      8. Screw back the two screws besides charging port.

  1. 2

      9. Done. You get a brand new iphone 5.



Where to buy:

  1. tools kit
  2. iphone 5 lcd assembly

or email directly to


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