Happy Women’s Day

Happy women's day

8th, March is the International Women’s Day. It is a Saturday this year, we have to work from 9:30 am to 2:30 PM on Saturday as usual. Our Sales Department is mostly girls.

What should be the best gifts on Women’s Day? How to satisfy every female colleague? Boss often feels headache about this problem. Girls like beauty. So if you ask me what do I want to get on our holiday, I will tell you ‘’definitely something to make me become more and more beautiful’’ 

It seems the facial mask is the first choice, especially on this cold spring. Boss is a lady, women know women’s taste, finally every lady got such a box of amazing facial mask. Look, how happy we are!

memory-of-women's-day  DSC_4682

Now I can’t wait to have a try the facial mask this night.

I’m glad I am one of the members of trait-tech, the leading wholesaler supplier of electronics accessories from China.

What will be the next surprise?